MX-8 explosive

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Bricks of MX-8 are easily moldable in order to increase their applicability.[1]
"These should do the trick."
— John-117 suggests using MX-8 and a Covenant plasma grenade to create a powerful explosion.[1]

MX-8 is a form of explosive used in mining operations.[1]


MX-8 explosives have been known to be produced to resemble the shape and size of a brick.[1] MX-8 was used at the mining settlement known as Black Reef on the Outer Colony, Alpha Corvi II. On December 3, 2525, the Spartan-II John-117 combined a brick of MX-8 with a Covenant Type-1 plasma grenade in order to blast through three meters of rock so he and two other Spartans could rescue the fourth member of their team on the other side.[1]

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