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A screenshot of Forest.
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Halo Infinite

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Rocks, ancient stone ruins, trees, dense foliage[2][3]

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Dead secrets lie beneath the bridge.

Forest is an asymmetrical multiplayer arena map that was released with Halo Infinite's Season 04: Infection.[2][3][5]

Universe and lore[edit]

Forest is set on a cliffside forest on Heian, in and around the ruins of stone structures bearing clear elements of Forerunner architecture.[1] However, the location has ties to ancient human civilization as well.[4]



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The following are locations on the map that are so named on the player's heads-up display during gameplay:

  • Altar
  • Big River
  • Bridge Falls
  • Cavern
  • Cliffside
  • Jungle
  • Grotto
  • High Path
  • High Temple
  • Hollow Tree
  • Low Temple
  • Sanctuary
  • Shrine
  • Stumps
  • Worm Hole


Players at the 2023 HCS Dallas event play Infection on Forest.
Players at the 2023 HCS Dallas event playing Infection on Forest for the first time.

Easter eggs[edit]

  • Several cave paintings and etchings can be found on the map.
    • A cave painting can be found depicting a stick figure of John-117 defending a herd of sheep from two wolves. The same cave painting can be found on Cliffhanger.
    • An etching of depicting a stick figure of John-117 chasing rabbits away from some carrots.
    • Several cave paintings and etchings featuring pigeons, a reoccurring easter egg on several maps.
      • A certain a cave painting can be found depicting nine total pigeons. Two of the pigeons, first seen on the map Cliffhanger, are rendered in the style of the Nazca Lines; the left pigeon features the symbol representing the mysterious organization SEELE from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise, and the right pigeon wears a hard hat and a safety vest, referencing the pigeon-themed art on the map Streets. Two other pigeons in the group also wear a hard hat and safety vest. Another of the pigeons wears John-117's helmet, is holding an assault rifle, and is saying "hope," in reference to one of the overarching themes of Halo Infinite's campaign and marketing.


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Easter eggs[edit]


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