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Screenshot of Streets.
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Halo Infinite

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Lore information


New Mombasa

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c. 2560[Note 1]

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Urban streets

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The tranquility of this Mombasa back alley is pierced by the sound of heavy gunfire.[1]

Streets is a multiplayer map in Halo Infinite.[2]

Universe and lore[edit]

Streets is set in the urban streets of New Mombasa, close to the base of the Mombasa Tether in the middle of reconstruction. It is set in an area which transitions from Old Mombasa to New Mombasa. It features several buildings around the map, including a joint entrance located on Kenya Street to both Hope Station and Makupa Station on the New Mombasa Transit Authority network and a New Mombasa Police Department precinct.[2] Its proximity to Forerunner secrets has made it a hotspot for criminal activity, including nefarious acts from Insurrectionists, Covenant remnants, and Banished human mercenary groups.[3]




The following are locations on the map that are so named on the player's heads-up display during gameplay:

  • Subway
  • Subway Bend
  • Subway Balcony
  • Subway Nest
  • Subway Stairs
  • Arc Street
  • Arc Street Bend
  • Arc Street Hallway
  • Oscar's House
  • Plaza
  • Plaza Stairs
  • Commercial District
  • Cafe
  • Commercial Alley
  • Main Street
  • Main Street Alley
  • Station Square
  • Station Inside
  • Station Balcony
  • Station Tower 1
  • Station Tower 2
  • Old Town
  • Old Town Stairs
  • Old Town Alley
  • Old Town Bar


On each side of the map (within "Commercial District" and "Old Town"), entrances to a cramped, crescent-shaped alley can be deleted. These alleys do not feature any built in callouts.


Easter eggs[edit]

  • The map contains an open recycling bin in an alley that when marked, is revealed to be named Oscar's House - a reference to Sesame Street's Oscar the Grouch.[4]
  • In Arcade Game Zone, there is an arcade machine called Halo Infinite. It plays an 8-bit version of the Halo Theme.
  • Also in Arcade Game Zone, there is an air hockey-like game displaying a score of 34 to 3, a clear reference to 343 Industries.
  • Near Commercial District, in a non-callout area there is graffiti saying "ODST we remember." This is a reference to Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, and likely also a reference to the in-universe "Remember Reach" saying, as well as the real world marketing campaign of the same name.
  • At Subway Stairs, there is pixel art of a pigeon with the head of Evangelion Unit-02 from the anime Rebuild of Evangelion.


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