New Mombasa Energy Company

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"NMEC is using only renewable energy sources."
— A quote from an NMEC advertisement.[1]
A sign advertising the New Mombasa Energy Company on Streets.
The NMEC logo.[Note 1]

The New Mombasa Energy Company, abbreviated as NMEC,[Note 1] is a human energy company serving the denizens of New Mombasa. They manufacture generators and claim to only use renewable energy sources. Signs advertising NMEC could be found in the city circa 2560.[1]


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  1. ^ a b The New Mombasa Energy Company sign on Streets shows that the abbreviation for the company is "MEC". However, another sign and a logo on a generator both spell it "NMEC". It is possible that both abbreviations are used, or that the "N" simply broke off of the sign.


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