New Mombasa Transit Authority

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NMTA logo.
"Relax! You're right on time."
— NMTA's tagline as seen on various advertisements.[1]

The New Mombasa Transit Authority,[1][2][3] also referred to as the Mombasa Transit Authority,[4][5] is an organization in Mombasa, Africa that manages various transportation elements in the city.


On October 20, 2552, the Covenant attacked Mombasa. One of their first targets was the NMTA Maglev system.[4] During the attack, the NMTA sealed emergency doors 99-84 along the Waterfront Highway.[6]


The NMTA is in charge of maintaining the MagLev train rapid transit network that extends throughout the city.[4][5] The NMTA also has control over the large emergency doors that divide up the Waterfront Highway,[6] and that divide up Section 21.[2] They issue the Multipass,[1] and accept coins as fare media.[5]


Known stations[edit]

Liwitoni Station.


In Sector 0-5, NMTA has an office building.[3]



In the level Terminal, the NMTA can be heard making various announcements at the train station.

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