New Mombasa Transit Authority

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NMTA logo.
"Relax! You're right on time."
— NMTA's tagline as seen on various advertisements.[1]

The New Mombasa Transit Authority,[1][2][3] also referred to as the Mombasa Transit Authority,[4][5] is an organization in Mombasa, East African Protectorate that manages various transportation elements in the city.



The NMTA is in charge of maintaining the Maglev train rapid transit network that extends throughout the city.[4][5] The NMTA also has control over the large emergency doors that divide up the Waterfront Highway,[6] and that divide up Section 21.[2] They issue the Multipass,[1] and accept coins as fare media.[5]


Maglev stations[edit]

Main article: MagLev Train
Liwitoni Station.[4]


In Sector 0-5, NMTA has an office building.[3]


Human-Covenant war[edit]

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On October 20, 2552, the Covenant attacked Mombasa. One of their first targets was the NMTA Maglev system.[4] During the attack, the NMTA controlled emergency doors 99-84 along the Waterfront Highway were sealed.[6] As were doors in Section 21.[2]


In the level Terminal, the NMTA can be heard making various announcements at the train station.


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