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A view of Section 21 during the Battle of Mombasa.

Section 21 was a district of the East African Protectorate city of New Mombasa.[1] Near the shores of the district stood a large monument.[2]


During October 2552, a construction project carried out by New Branch Construction was underway in Section 21. The construction was promptly abandoned following the Covenant invasion of the city. Like most of New Mombasa, Section 21 did not come unscathed by the fighting; several of the buildings in the area had been severely damaged by fires, and a UH-144 Falcon had crashed into one.[3]


The sector was connected the Superintendent. As well, the highway doors of the district were under the jurisdiction of the New Mombasa Transit Authority.[3]


The sector is on one of Mombasa's many shores and has a direct view of the downtown core and Mombasa Tether. Within the sector contains a construction site. Across the road from the construction site is an unnamed hotel.[3]


Section 21 is the location of the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary multiplayer map Breakneck, a remake of the Halo 2 map Headlong, which is set in a structurally near-identical, yet separate sector, identified as Section 14. Section 21 is both a nod to Section 14 and a 7 reference, as 14 and 21 are consecutive multiples of 7.


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