Liwitoni Station

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Liwitoni Station
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Facility information


Liwitoni, Mombasa, Kenya[1]

Historical information


Pre-October 20, 2552[1]


October 20, 2552[2]

Controlled by:

New Mombasa Transit Authority[1]


Liwitoni Station is a Maglev train station part of the New Mombasa MagLev train network. It is located in New Mombasa's Liwitoni district and under the jurisdiction of the New Mombasa Transit Authority.[1]


One point of access is through a reinforced emergency door from Sector B - this leads to the parking facilities; another point of access is through a tambour door adjacent to the main station entrance. Liwitoni Station has eight ticket booths and three phones, as well as five of what appear to be closed circuit televisions. The station's automatic PA announcements are spoken in both English and Swahili. Advertisements for Havadi Goodwan and the UNSC can be found around the station.[1]


Liwitoni Station, along with every other MagLev station, was closed following the Covenant invasion during the Battle of Earth. The maglev rail system was one of the Covenant's first targets during the battle.[1]


The Halo 2 multiplayer map Terminal, part of the Maptacular Pack, is set in Liwitoni Station.


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