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Liberty Street.

Liberty Street, a section of Sector 0-5, was a section of Old Mombasa on planet Earth that stretched along the coast of the city, possibly leading as far up to the main bridge into New Mombasa. The area consisted mainly of dilapidated low-rise buildings, housing projects, and small businesses.


In 2552, the entire area was the center of heavy fighting between the UNSC and the Covenant during the Battle of Mombasa in the Battle of Earth.

Forces from the UNSC In Amber Clad were dispatched to the area, including the Master Chief. They were able to retake the area from the Covenant invaders.[1] Covenant forces quickly captured the area and positioned at least two Scarabs within the area. Spartan-117 and UNSC troops were able to use the close quarters of the district to put up a fierce resistance, destroying at least one Scarab near the bridge while another crossed it.[2]

The caption for the multiplayer level District suggests that the area was not destroyed when the High Prophet of Regret initiated a Slipspace jump over New Mombasa, and that the intact area proved to be excellent ambush points once the Covenant took control of the planet.[3]


There are numerous businesses located on Liberty Street. They include:


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