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Sector B was a sector in the city of New Mombasa, Kenya. It was one of the city's four primary sections, the others being Sector A, the city center, and the Docks. Sector B was located at the heart of the city's industrial zone, partially within the Kilindini district, and many industrial buildings were located there. The New Mombasa 105 East led to the sector through the Mtangwe Underpass, a tunnel with its other entrance located at the end of Mombasa's suspension bridge.[1]



Sector B was located northwest of the New Mombasa City Center and Tanaga. Either within, or adjacent to the sector, are a series of canals that lead to the other side of the island. The Kilindini Park Cultural Center was also connected to Sector B.[2][3] Liwitoni Station was also connected to Sector B.[4]


The Superintendent operated signage within Sector B.[3] The New Mombasa Waste Management collected trash in the sector.[2][3]


A variety of large corporations had buildings in Sector B. Hannibal Weapon Systems owned and operated a large complex of buildings that rose above the rest of the sector. Lethbridge Industrial operated a few buildings in the area as well. African Trust, EnerGuide, Cascade Stronghold Technologies, Fueder Construction, and Franchbot Industries had offices in the sector.[3]


An M808B MBT staring down against a Protos-pattern Scarab in Sector B.

Battle of Mombasa[edit]

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In 2552, Sector B was one of the Covenant's main incursion points during opening stages of the Battle for Earth. They landed heavy armor, including Zurdo-pattern Wraith tanks, Ruwaa-pattern Shadow transports, and Ghosts with air support from Phantoms and Banshees in the sector. UNSC Marines from A Company were sent to the area as well, but were pinned down until help arrived from the reinforcements provided by the UNSC In Amber Clad, including John-117. A Scarab walker retreated there as well, having traveled down the NM 105 E to the city to get a clear line of sight at the Mombasa Tether.[2] The sector was destroyed when the Covenant began excavating the Portal at Voi.[5]


The Halo 2: Anniversary version of Metropolis, makes a number of changes to the sector. Tterrab Industries was replaced with Franchbot Industries, and signs with distances both in and out of the sector have had those distances removed. A Canon Fodder article states that in most cases, the Anniversary version should be regarded as canonical, though it has not been specified whether this is one such instance.


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