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A section of Nyali being observed by the Superintendent.

Nyali was an area in the city of Mombasa, Kenya,[1] situated in Old Mombasa northeast of Mombasa Island.[Note 1]


During the Battle of Mombasa, Sadie Endesha and Mike Branley traveled through Nyali after fighting several Jiralhanae and an unnamed crone in Koinage.[1] Eventually they made it to the border of Nyali and Obote where the Nyali Bridge was located.[2] The bridge was crowded by refugees from the city.[3] Sadie and Mike made their way over the bridge back to the island in order to save Sadie's father.[4]


Nyali bordered Koinage[1] and Obote.[3]


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  1. ^ During Circle 2, Arc 3 of Sadie's Story, it shows a map of the Northern Mainland with an area circled. Likely this is the region of Mombasa they're in during their time in Old Mombasa.


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