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Sector 0-5 sign.

Sector 0-5 is a large Sector of Old Mombasa in the city of Mombasa, Earth. The Liberty Street neighborhood is part of Sector 0-5. Sector 0-5 is on the mainland shores of Kilindini Harbor[1]; stretching all the way to the New Mombasa 105 East suspension bridge.[2]


Government and society[edit]

The Sector was at least partially connected to the Superintendent and had a New Mombasa Police Department station.[3] New Mombasa Waste Management trash cans existed in some parts of the sector.[1][2] The New Mombasa Transit Authority operated an office building either within or in connection with the sector.[3] Sector 0-5 also housed a Unified Earth Government storage facility.[3]


The economic situation of Sector 0-5 is quite varied. Numerous low rise local businesses like the Voi Theater[4] and Hotel Zanzibar exist near the taller mid-rise towers of interstellar corporations like Nomolos Refining and Vyrant Telecom.[3]


UNSC Marines charging down an alleyway with a Kig-Yar Sniper firing.

Early into the Battle of Mombasa on October 20, 2552, a small defensive position using an M247 General Purpose Machine Gun was set up in a Sector 0-5 courtyard. It was overwhelmed by Covenant ground forces. Shortly afterward, the Pelican carrying John-117, Sergeant Major Avery J. Johnson, and several other Marines was shot down by a marauding Scarab and crashed quite close by. They quickly overtook the Covenant controlling the area and held off several attacking waves of Covenant, culminating in battling a Hunter pair.[1] Meanwhile, another Pelican carrying Sergeant Stacker and Privates Butkis, Jones, Walpole, and O'Brien crashed, forcing them to set up a stronghold in Hotel Zanzibar and battle Covenant waves.[5] The two groups finally met a little later on and proceeded along Old Mombasa's coast until they entered the tunnel of the New Mombasa 105 East.[1]

A Scarab was downed in the Sector by a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon blast from the UNSC Brasidas. UNSC Marines then moved in to capture it.[2][6]


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