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Liwitoni in the foreground. The carrier is glassing areas just to the northwest and behind it.

Liwitoni was a district located on Mombasa Island in the city of New Mombasa, Kenya. This district held a Vyrant Telecom tower[1] and presumably Liwitoni Station.


During the Battle of Mombasa, the area directly northwest of the district was glassed by a CAS-class assault carrier.[2]


In modern-day Mombasa, there is a district called "Liwatoni". This location is fully submerged by the 26th century, located some hundreds of meters WNW of Uplift Nature Reserve. Evidently, the district has been redesignated since the 21st century; this is the case with many other districts in the city as well, due to the fact that the coastlines and structure of the city have changed so dramatically.

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