New Mombasa Sector 6

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A Covenant Phantom in Sector 6 during the Battle of Mombasa.

Sector 6 was one of the major sectors in the city of New Mombasa, Kenya, Earth and a part of the Lumumba district.[1]



Vyrant Telecom holds a building in Sector 6.[1][2]


During the Battle of Mombasa, after the Solemn Penance made an emergency jump into slipstream space to escape encroaching United Nations Space Command forces, Blademaster Vero 'Ahtulai rallied thirteen fellow Sangheili at Sector 6 when secret orders from the Prophet of Truth were broadcast to the forces on Earth ordering the local Jiralhanae to begin usurping the Sangheili. Jiralhanae Chieftain Bracktanus and his pack attacked 'Ahtulai and the rest of the Sangheili in Sector 6.[3] Shortly after this, Edward Buck's drop pod landed in this area, and he came across the dead Sangheili.[1] Hours later, other dead Sangheili were found in the sector.[2]


  • During Mombasa Streets, this sector contains at least 3 wrecked Olifants.
  • During both Tayari Plaza and Mombasa Streets, in giant writing along a wall the word "Believe" can be found.


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