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Jiralhanae Chieftain Bracktanus during Battle of New Mombasa, as seen in the Halo 3: ODST campaign level NMPD HQ.
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October 20, 2552[1]

Cause of death:

Stabbed in the neck by Edward Buck[1]

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Bracktanus was a Jiralhanae Chieftain who served the Covenant military.[2]


Early transgression[edit]

Bracktanus' existence first became known to the United Nations Space Command during the Fall of Reach, thanks to a recording observed by sniper Corporal C. Errera depicting two Unggoy in conversation. According to the Unggoy, Bracktanus, then a captain, fought and killed a Sangheili warrior within close proximity of a holy area - a crime normally punishable by painful execution. Bracktanus avoided execution, and the matter was swiftly forgotten by the Prophets. This sign of favoritism was noticed by Mehmep, who later mentioned it to his partner, both sensing trouble brewing.[3]

Battle of Mombasa[edit]

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By October 20, 2552, Bracktanus was promoted to the rank of Chieftain. Bracktanus was secretly ordered by the Prophet of Truth to eliminate the Sangheili forces left behind in the city after the Solemn Penance retreated from the battle. Bracktanus first targeted and killed Blademaster Vero 'Ahtulai at Sector 6 to demoralize the rest of the Sangheili.[2]

For the rest of the day, Bracktanus scoured the city for other Sangheili and crushed any remaining human resistance.[2] Eventually, Bracktanus boarded one of the many Phantoms that attacked the crash site of the Pelican that belonged to the ODST squad Alpha-Nine. Bracktanus managed to kill an NMPD officer, and only severely injured Kojo Agu when he swung his hammer’s reverse-blade against the Agu’s chest, with Agu’s sniper blocking the blow. Bracktanus was killed by the rest of the ODSTs when he became pre-occupied with killing Agu. Edward Buck jumped on his back, stabbing Bracktanus in the neck using his combat knife. Michael Crespo tackled Bracktanus, preventing Bracktanus from retaliating against Buck and allowing Buck to stab Bracktanus again. Taylor Miles then tackled and elbowed Bracktanus, killing the Chieftain.[1]


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