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Magongo was a suburb of the city of Mombasa, Kenya, located along the Nairobi Road. Considered a part of the outlying districts that make up Old Mombasa, Magongo was situated some 50 kilometers from New Mombasa.[1] It served as an endpoint for one of New Mombasa Transit Authority's train lines, and housed a UNSC recruiting station.[2]


In the 21st century, Magongo was a poverty-ridden fringe township that lacked any effective infrastructure, including electricity, water or sewer systems.[1]

In 2552, moments before the Covenant attack on Mombasa, Sadie Endesha attempted to get to Magongo without being noticed by Vergil in order to enlist in the UNSC. However, the AI prevented this by stopping the train at Makupa Station.[2] Magongo, along with its surrounding region, was glassed by the Covenant in order to uncover the Portal, a Forerunner slipspace portal generator buried under the savannah one hundred thousand years earlier.[3][4]

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