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The skyscrapers of Tanaga, New Mombasa.

Tanaga was a district of the port city of New Mombasa, Africa on Earth.[1] It was part of the city center.[Note 1] Tanaga rested on a large arcology-like structure, with walls that sloped down to the level of the surrounding terrain.[2] In the middle of the district was the NMPD headquarters building.[1]


By October, 2552 there were multiple construction projects in progress in this area. On October 20, 2552 and during the Battle of Mombasa, members of Alpha-Nine attempted to regroup on the upper floors of the NMPD Headquarters. However this did not happen as the extraction Pelican crash landed on a nearby under construction skyscraper.[1] By the time Alpha-Nine evacuated the city, the Covenant had glassed most of the city excluding Tanaga.[3]


A district called Tangana exits in modern-day Mombasa, located approximately where Tanaga is located in Halo 3: ODST.


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  1. ^ In Sadie's Story, multiple areas seen in the ODST campaign are referred to as the city center. This includes Kikowani Station (Audio log 1, Circle 1, Arc 1), ONI Alpha Site and the New Mombasa Data Center (Audio log 8, Circle 3, Arc 2), the NMPD headquarters (Audio log 24, Circle 8, Arc 3), and the area in which the Solemn Penance arrived at (Audio log 3, Circle 1, Arc 3).


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