New Mombasa MagLev train network

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New Mombasa MagLev symbol at the Hope & Makupa interchange station.

The New Mombasa Maglev train network is a train system run by the New Mombasa Transit Authority in the city of Mombasa, Kenya.[1][2][3] The Multipass is usable in some form on the system.[3]



Station Grade Platforms
Hope-Makupa Side (Makupa)[4]
Liwitoni Elevated[2] Side[2]


New Mombasa city center[edit]

One line breaks apart at the intersection of sector 5, Sector 2, Sector 6, and Sector 4 with one track following the Sector 5-2 wall, curving into Sector 6 (riding the Sector 6-8 wall), then curving into Sector 9, likely ending at the station there. The other half curves into Sector 4 (riding the Sector 4-3 wall), then curves into Sector 1 likely meeting the station there. A line also goes through Liwitoni Station.[1]

Two lines meet at Kikowani station. Both are underground. One goes into Tanaga or the New Mombasa City Center, the other proceeds to northern Old Mombasa.[5]

Rolling stock[edit]

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