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A maglev train in New Alexandria.

Maglev (magnetically levitated) trains are a form of rail transportation on human colony worlds. These vehicles are capable of high speeds and were very common sights throughout the 26th century.

They are found in and around major population centers where such transportation is practical. Maglev trains consist of high speed trains traveling along electrified, magnetized tracks that are elevated and run throughout cities and colonies. The trains call at numerous stations throughout the network, allowing the loading and unloading of goods and allowing passengers to board and alight from the train.

Some maglev networks however, are built in low population areas for the purpose of quick transportation of freight over long distances to and from various destinations.

Known maglev rail networks[edit]

A passenger train in New Mombasa.

Such a system existed in New Mombasa, Earth, with a maglev system under the jurisdiction of the New Mombasa Transit Authority providing transportation throughout the area. This system was one of the first targets of Covenant forces when they attacked Earth in 2552.[1]

Another maglev system existed around the Chicago Greater Industrial Zone. This system used the same elevated tracks once occupied by older, less advanced trains of Chicago's old elevated railway.[2]

The Inner Colony world Reach had a maglev rail system in the city of New Alexandria.[3]

The Inner Colony world Tribute in the Epsilon Eridani system had a maglev rail system around the entire planet which centered around the main population center Casbah City. This system formed a core part of the colony's transportation grid. During Operation: TREBUCHET, UNSC Marines had to place ARGUS bomb-sniffing devices around the stations around the planet to ensure that insurrectionists did not try to sabotage the network.[4]

The Outer Colony world Harvest in the Epsilon Indi system also had a maglev system around the entire planet, centered on its major population center of Utgard. However, unlike most other rail networks, Harvest's trains were used exclusively to transport freight, not passengers. Harvest had seven main train lines, which led to the seven space elevators on the planet that connected to the Tiara. The trains carried crops and equipment from the outlying areas to the elevators, where they could be loaded into freighters and sent to other colony worlds.[5]

The Rubble, an Insurrectionist-controlled base composed of numerous asteroids orbiting Hesiod, used maglev trains to transport passengers from one asteroid "habitat" to another. The tracks of these trains were built through clear tubes that connected each asteroid together.[6]


  • Maglev trains in Terminal are instant death vehicles. If a player is caught on its track, regardless of shield strength, or whether you are in a vehicle, the player will die immediately, with the message "Killed by the Guardians".
  • A UNSC ATV, the Sperry FCMMagLEV, used a maglev locomotive as its drive train, which was vulnerable on the battlefield.[7]


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