Kikowani Station (location)

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This article is about the New Mombasa train station. For the Halo 3: ODST campaign level, see Kikowani Station.
Kikowani Station
Sector 0 Kikowani station.jpg
Facility information


New Mombasa city center, Mombasa, Kenya[1]

Historical information


Pre-October 20, 2552[1]

Controlled by:

New Mombasa Transit Authority[1]


"Hello traveler. The Mombasa Transit Authority welcomes you to Kikowani station. How may I serve you?"
— Station kiosk to Sadie Endesha[1]

Kikowani Station is an NMTA Maglev train station part of the New Mombasa MagLev train network. It was located in the city center of New Mombasa, Kenya.[1] The station could be accessed from Sector 0 at street level.[2]


On October 20, 2552, Sadie Endesha purchased a train ticket at Kikowani Station bound for Old Mombasa. She boarded train 14 and then departed.[1]

Early during the Covenant invasion of the city in the Battle for Earth, seven Huragok managed to escape their Jiralhanae handlers in Kikowani. Six of them attempted to remove an explosive device from the seventh Huragok, Quick to Adjust,[3] they accidentally triggered the device. All but the seventh Huragok were killed.[4]

Commissioner Kinsler had a private train parked at Platform 9, waiting for Sadie Endesha. A crowd formed on the platforms, trying to board the train, as the Covenant bombarded the station.[5] With the help of the Quick to Adjust and Vergil, the crowd boarded the train and killed Kinsler[6]. Then, with Sadie and Mike Branley, the civilians departed for Old Mombasa.[7]

By the evening, the station's surroundings, including the train tunnels, were flooded by water. This prevented the ODST squad Alpha-Nine from escaping the city through the train tunnels. Instead, the squad stole a Covenant Phantom that landed in the station and used it to fly to safety.[8] An hour later, Alpha-Nine's missing squadmate Jonathan Doherty arrived at the entrance of Kikowani Station and found the biofoam canister that had been used to treat Romeo's injuries before moving on.[2]


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