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The logo for Vyrant Telecom

Vyrant Telecom is a human telecommunications business.


Vyrant Telecom was founded at some point before August 2552.

Human-Covenant War[edit]

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During the Fall of Reach, Covenant forces established a foothold in their skyscraper in New Alexandria. It is likely that skyscraper was lost to Covenant glassing.[1]

When the Covenant attacked Mombasa, Vyrant Telecom's megatall skyscraper in the city took significant damage.[2] The Covenant eventually started glassing the city looking for an ancient artifact. This glassing likely destroyed the skyscraper.[3]


In either 2557 or 2558, Vyrant Telecom had multiple advertisements in the city of Pilvros, New Carthage.[4]


Vyrant Telecom had a number of skyscrapers in New Mombasa. The most prominent, and easily the tallest skyscraper in the city, is their 2km megatall in New Mombasa's city center.[5][note 1]

Much like the building in Mombasa, the Vyrant Telecom Tower in New Alexandria was among the highest buildings in the city.[1]


  • Judging by Vyrant's logo and motto, Vyrant might be a parody of the real-world telecommunications company, Verizon.
  • An advertisement for Vyrant Telecom appears on the Halo 4 map Perdition.


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  1. ^ Measurable by using pan-cam coordinates: the height cap is at 615 WU, the building extends a bit over that, and 1WU=~3 meters