Vyrant Telecom tower (Mombasa)

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Vyrant Telecom tower (Mombasa)
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  • Tallest building in New Mombasa at about two kilometers tall[Note 1]

The Vyrant Telecom tower[1] is a skyscraper in the Tanaga district of the New Mombasa city center. It was a prominent feature of the New Mombasa skyline, able to be seen throughout most of the southeast portion of the Mombasa.[2] The NMPD headquarters was located in a building adjacent to the lower floors of the tower.[3]


Battle of Mombasa[edit]

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During the Covenant invasion of Earth and Mombasa, the building suffered plasma damage. The building would eventually be one of the last standing structures in downtown New Mombasa as the Covenant's glassing operations to uncover the Excession escalated.[4]


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  1. ^ Measurable by using pan-cam coordinates: the height cap is at 615 WU, the building extends a bit over that, and 1WU=~3 meters