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A NMWM garbage can showing the NMWM logo.

New Mombasa Waste Management, abbreviated NMWM, was a waste management company serving the East African megalopolis of New Mombasa and the greater Mombasa area, including Old Mombasa and Voi.[1][2] They provided public garbage cans and recycle dumpsters for public dispense. These cans could be seen all over New Mombasa.[3]

The primary waste collection vehicle used by NMWM was the Olifant, a variant of the M313 Elephant mobile assault platform used by the UNSC. These vehicles were operated by the city's urban infrastructure AI, the Superintendent.[4]


  • The company's logo in Halo 2 shows four pictures of which three are identifiable: A bird at the top, a human on the right, and a plane at the bottom. The picture on the left is blurred and unrecognizable.
  • In Halo 3: ODST the logo is composed of the letters "NMWM"; the W is green while the other letters are white. The logo is clearly inspired by the logo of real-life company Waste Management. In Halo 2: Anniversary the "N" is omitted from the logo, making the homage even more apparent.


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