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"Sometimes, when enjoying a nice cup of coffee at Havadi Goodwan, I get a craving for a simple desert that won't take away from the deep bitterness of my drink. This pie is just that. It is what put Havadi Goodwan on everyone's must-stop-and-try list."
— Description of Havadi Goodwan and its custard pie.[3]

Havadi Goodwan is a human food services company.[1][2][3][4]



Havadi Goodwan is a chain of restaurants that can be found on Earth[1] and Reach.[2] Its custard pie helped make it famous.[3]



Doctor Catherine Halsey sometimes got her coffee from a Hawadi Goodwan restaurant, and Captain Jacob Keyes once gave her a diagram of the Keyes Loop which he had drawn on the back of a Havadi Goodwan placemat. They also sell custard pies.[2]


The name is a Bungie inside joke based on how one of the artists would say "have a good one".[5] This inside joke was again referenced in the company's Canon Fodder description in 2022.[4]


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