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This article is about the Covenant Ministry. For the former Vice-Minister of Tranquility, see Prophet of Regret.

The Ministry of Tranquility was a Covenant ministry charged with the acquisition and deciphering of Forerunner artifacts, as well as exploring the borders of Covenant-controlled space and missionary affairs.[1] The ministry was responsible for managing the Covenant's vast fleet of relic-hunting scout vessels and missionary ships, primarily crewed by Sangheili and Kig-Yar.[2]


In 2525, Minor Transgression, a missionary ship serving the Ministry of Tranquility, discovered the human Outer Colony of Harvest in the Epsilon Indi system, a planet home to numerous Forerunner artifacts. Minor Transgression's piratical Kig-Yar crew intended to steal some of the artifacts on Harvest for themselves before reporting the discovery to the ministry, though their plan was foiled when the Unggoy deacon and the Huragok aboard the ship sent the reports of the artifacts to the Vice Minister of Tranquility moments before they escaped the ship's destruction at the hands of human Marines.[3] Upon receiving the reports, the Vice Minister of Tranquility sought to use this important discovery to secure himself a seat as Hierarch.[4] The Vice Minister plotted with the Minister of Fortitude and the Philologist, and soon the three San'Shyuum used the ministry's discovery to ascend to the Hierarchs of the Covenant and declared war on humanity, beginning the Human-Covenant War.[5]

During the Covenant War, Kig-Yar missionary ships serving the Ministry of Tranquility were responsible for the discovery of numerous human colonies, including Madrigal in the 23 Librae system; the ministry charged the Kig-Yar with finding human worlds with Forerunner artifacts on their surface to allow the Covenant to destroy the "defilers".[6] During the war, the Ministry of Tranquility's ambitions had far exceeded its reach. The ministry's forces rarely ever participated in major fleet action during the Human-Covenant War. Instead, the ministry's vessels often descended into the chaotic aftermath of engagements to steal artifacts from human and Covenant forces alike.[7] The Ministry of Tranquility was likely dissolved alongside the rest of the Covenant in late 2552.


The ministry was headed by the San'Shyuum Minister of Tranquility and seconded by the Vice Minister of Tranquility. In the event of the Minister's absence, the Vice Minister would substitute in for them during Covenant High Council sessions.[8] The ministry worked to extend the Covenant's influence and power by acquiring Forerunner artifacts and attempting to bring new species into the Covenant; the ministry did not particularly care how these goals were accomplished.[7] The Ministry of Tranquility commissioned and maintained a large and sizeable fleet of missionary ships, such as Minor Transgression, to search the outer edges of Covenant territory for Forerunner relics. They are known for keeping an extensive library of Forerunner glyphs, though the ministry's staffers overtly had little understanding of the Forerunners' language.[9] The Minister of Tranquility employed Huragok for use as librarians. Huragok were also employed by the ministry to keep ships of the Ministry of Tranquility in good working order.[10] With its vast fleet of battle-ready privateer and missionary ships, the Ministry of Tranquility was considered to be one of the primary Covenant ministries that made up the Covenant military.[7]

The Ministry of Tranquility contracted Kig-Yar shipmasters and paid them commissions for their work as privateers for the ministry.[6][9] However, the more piratical Kig-Yar sometimes joined the ministry to carry out their crimes under the guise of a privateer or missionary; some members of the ministry were often little more than slavers and raiders. Many of the ministry's privateers cared little for the opinions of the Hierarchs and were occasionally found preying on Covenant artifact depositories.[7] Numerous Sangheili worked in the ministry, serving in various missionary and expeditionary affairs and as shipmasters. The Vice Minister of Tranquility often worked closely with the ministry's Sangheili.[6][11] The Ministry of Tranquility was the only ministry that employed Unggoy; Unggoy deacons were assigned to Kig-Yar missionary ships to ensure that the typically agnostic Kig-Yar obeyed ministry laws and regulations, a task at which they rarely succeed. Deacon was the lowest position within the ministry and only the most intelligent Unggoy were able to qualify for deaconship.[1] The Ministry of Tranquility was based in a tower on High Charity. On the lowest level of the tower, a seminary was hosted to train future Unggoy deacons. The Unggoy recruits lived in a crowded dormitory and shared food nipples, while being taught to memorize glyphs and scriptures relating to Forerunner relics.[12]

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