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The Sangheili treaty commission, often simply referred to as the Commission, was a committee of the Covenant during the empire's early years.[1] Established alongside the Covenant in 852 BCE, the Commission was created to serve as a diplomatic corps for the Sangheili to strengthen the species' relationship with the San'Shyuum.[2]

Following the ratification of the Writ of Union, the Sangheili had lacked any true diplomats. In order to allow the Sangheili to negotiate with the San'Shyuum, several Sangheili were selected and employed by the Commission, though some of the commissioners were uncomfortable in their newly assigned positions.[2] In 851 BCE, with the rebellion of Ussa 'Xellus on Sanghelios, several Covenant ministers decided that the uprising should be taken care of by the Sangheili, likely to increase the allegiance of the Sangheili. The ministers met with several commissioners and the Commission was tasked with eliminating Ussa and his rebellion.[3] In 850 BCE, the Sangheili treaty commission and the San'Shyuum ministers reconvened to discuss the disappearance of Ussa and his followers.[4]

Commissioners of the Sangheili treaty commission were accompanied by Sangheili Honor Guardsmen. Known commissioners include Viyo 'Griot and Loro 'Onkiyo.[2]

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