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Loro 'Onkiyo
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"We are all ready to die for the Great Journey. Always have the Sangheili revered the Forerunners—and now we know at last just how to clearly hear the true word of the Forerunners and obey it. We are purified in the light of the Rings!"
— Loro 'Onkiyo[1]

Loro 'Onkiyo was a Sangheili warrior who served in the Covenant military as a Commander, as well as a Commissioner for the Sangheili treaty commission during the dawn of the Covenant.[2]


Following the end of the War of Beginnings and the ratification of the Writ of Union, the Sangheili realized that they lacked diplomats to negotiate with the San'Shyuum. Loro 'Onkiyo was selected to become a diplomat and assigned to the Covenant's Sangheili treaty commission. Loro ensured that many of the soldiers in the Covenant military were truly committed to protecting Forerunner artifacts and devoted to the Great Journey.[1]

In 851 BCE, the Prophet of Inner Conviction, the Minister of Relative Reconciliation, and the Minister of Kindly Subjection met to discuss Ussa 'Xellus' rebellion on Sanghelios. Loro 'Onkiyo and fellow Commissioner Viyo 'Griot had just arrived at High Charity and were called to the Chamber of Decision by the ministers.[3] The two Commissioners eventually arrived in the chamber, along with two Sangheili Honor Guardsmen. After Loro reassured the Ministers that the Sangheili troops were truly devoted to the Great Journey, the ministers asked the Commissioners on Ussa's insurrection. Viyo assured them that the Commission's spies would soon track down Ussa and assassinate him, with his "cult" dissolving without his leadership. However, the Prophet of Inner Conviction believed that Ussa would serve only as a pariah.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Loro 'Onkiyo was considered to be one of the few diplomatic types among the Sangheili. Regardless, he was uneasy and uncomfortable in his diplomatic position within the Sangheili treaty commission. He was devoted to the Covenant religion, and Mken 'Scre'ah'ben noted that he spoke with the genuine enthusiasm of a recent convert. He stated that the Sangheili had always worshipped the Forerunners, but he noted that only his species' alliance with the San'Shyuum showed them the true Path to the Great Journey. Loro claimed to be willing to die for the Great Journey.[1]

Loro donned a silver-colored Sangheili combat harness and helmet. He was slightly shorter than Viyo 'Griot.[1]

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