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"I assure you, we will find him. He has blighted all Sangheili. He has called us cowards. The greatest insult known to our people. Unimaginable."
— Viyo 'Griot, on Ussa 'Xellus[1]

Viyo 'Griot was a Sangheili warrior who served in the Covenant military as a Commander, as well as a Commissioner for the Sangheili treaty commission during the dawn of the Covenant.[2]


Following the end of the San'Shyuum-Sangheili War and the signing of the Writ of Union, the Sangheili realized that they lacked diplomats to negotiate with the San'Shyuum. Viyo 'Griot was selected to become a diplomat and assigned to the Covenant's Sangheili treaty commission. Viyo reorganized Covenant troop deployments within the Covenant fleet by doubling the amount of soldiers assigned to each ship. He also had Sangheili warriors deployed before San'Shyuum researchers on all expeditions for Forerunner artifacts to ensure that all relics discovered would be properly protected.[3]

In 851 BCE, the Prophet of Inner Conviction, the Minister of Relative Reconciliation, and the Minister of Kindly Subjection met to discuss Ussa 'Xellus' rebellion on Sanghelios. Viyo 'Griot and fellow Commissioner Loro 'Onkiyo had just arrived at High Charity and were called to the Chamber of Decision by the Ministers.[4] The two Commissioners eventually arrived in the chamber, along with two Sangheili Honor Guardsmen. After inquiring about Viyo's recent changes to troop movements, the Ministers asked the Commissioners on Ussa's insurrection. Viyo assured them that the Commission's spies would soon track down Ussa and assassinate him, with his "cult" dissolving without his leadership. However, the Prophet of Inner Conviction, aware of Ussa's strategic potential, openly doubted that the insurgency would ever truly be crushed.[3]

In 850 BCE, the group reconvened to discuss the death of the Commission's assassin Vertikus and the disappearance of Ussa. Viro confirmed that Ussa and his followers departed Sanghelios, though six of them decided to remain behind. The Minister of Relative Reconciliation questioned why Ussa would allow them to stay behind, but Viro informed him that Ussa was more merciful than most Sangheili. The six followers that remained were interrogated and they revealed that Ussa had left for an uncharted world. Viyo informed the Ministers of this information and again assured them that the Sangheili would track down Ussa and end his rebellion.[5]

Personality and traits[edit]

"Ussa 'Xellus? That crawling fur grub cannot be called a true Sangheili!"
— Viyo 'Griot[6]

Viro 'Griot was uneasy and uncomfortable in his diplomatic position within the Sangheili treaty commission. The Prophet of Inner Conviction noted that Viro often flexed his hands and looked around uneasily, as if he was searching for a weapon at all times. Viro was very fervent follower of the Covenant religion and was insulted by Ussa 'Xellus' claims that the religion was false.[3] Despite his hatred for Ussa, he was able to admit that 'Xellus was an adherent follower to the Sangheili beliefs of never surrendering, despite being unusually merciful for a Sangheili. Viro particularly disliked Ussa for calling the entire Sangheili race cowards—the greatest insult to a Sangheili—for surrendering to San'Shyuum in 852 BCE. However, Viro himself was secretly ashamed that the Sangheili essentially surrendered to the San'Shyuum by signing the Writ of Union.[5]

Viro donned a silver-colored Sangheili combat harness and helmet. Viro's helmet had three fins on it, slightly resembling the Sangheili jaw arrangement, and it sported blue panels alternating with silver. He was slightly taller than Loro 'Onkiyo.[3]

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