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851 BCE

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"Fools! Ussa will lead you into damnation! The Covenant is our only hope for redemption!"
— Vertikus' last words[1]

Vertikus was a Sangheili spy and assassin for the Covenant who attempted to infiltrate Ussa 'Xellus' insurgent faction in 851 BCE.[1]


Vertikus was a well-known weapons dealer who favored burnblades. In 851 BCE, Vertikus was hired by the newly formed Covenant to infiltrate Ussa 'Xellus' insurgent faction after they fled to the desolate Nwari region on Sanghelios.[1]

When Ussa told the group to pack up and prepare to leave Sanghelios for Shield World 0673, Vertikus questioned how they would receive new burnblades from Qikost and attempted to get Ussa to reveal the location of their new place of refuge. However, Ussa knew that there was a spy among his followers and avoided directly answering this question; he only told Vertikus that their new home was far from Sanghelios. Vertikus grew frustrated and charged at Ussa with a burnblade. He attempted to slash at Ussa's throat but Ernicka the Scar-Maker blocked the attack. The larger and more experienced Ernicka knocked Vertikus back with a single thrust, causing Vertikus to stagger to the ground. Suddenly, a group of ten Sangheili charged at Vertikus and grabbed the weapon from his hand as the would-be assassin attempted to escape. Ussa attempted to get his followers to stop and capture Vertikus for interrogation, but the infiltrator was ripped apart by the mob before Ussa could finish giving the command.[1]

After Vertikus' death, three San'Shyuum Ministers reconvened with the Sangheili treaty commission to discuss the assassin's failure and Ussa's current location.[2]

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