Council of Concordance

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This article is about the lesser council within the Covenant government. For other councils, see Council.

The Council of Concordance (also termed the High Council of Concordance[1][2] and Committee of Concordance[3]) was a lesser council within the government of the Covenant, charged with the oversight of contracts and civil legislation.[4]


The Council of Concordance (then-referred to as the High Council of Concordance) was responsible for the creation of the Writ of Union and the Ratification Parley in the First Age of Reconciliation (852 BCE), at the end of the War of Beginnings.[1][2]

The Council of Concordance passed various laws surrounding public decency. Controversial statements about the San'Shyuum and their reproductive cycles were generally considered in violation of these laws, though comedic statements were overlooked in times of celebration - particularly upon the successful birth of a new San'Shyuum.[3]


The word "concordance" means "agreement".

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