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This article is about the commanding organization in a Covenant fleet. For other councils, see Council.

A Council of Masters, also known as a Command Council[1], is a command body typically active in a given Covenant fleet. The council typically consists of high-ranking individuals, including Sangheili and even San'Shyuum masters and nobles assigned to the fleet.


During wartime, Sangheili troops were sent forth into battle by the Council of Masters, who typically dictated war needs for the Covenant.[2] The Council typically dealt with promotions, tactics, operations planning, and other wartime direction. The Council had the authority to dispatch spies to the battlefield to report on the actions of field commanders, to ensure the officers' reports were not exaggerated for personal benefit[3], and designate sites of importance for Covenant attack,[4] or reinforce certain defensive positions as needed.[5]

The opinion of the present Prophet seemed to have considerable weight on the council's rulings, with some decisions based off the Prophet's interpretation of given information.[1]


A Council of Masters was present within the Fleet of Particular Justice when it arrived at Halo Installation 04 in September 2552. During the conflict, the Council made its base of operations from the Ket-pattern battlecruiser Truth and Reconciliation, which had been damaged during the opening space battle and forced to ground for repairs - in turn becoming the nexus for Covenant command and control on the ring. The council chamber took the form of a large desk encircling a podium, in which a given visitor was to stand to present their case to the council. The Prophet of Stewardship sat in the centre of the desk, along with Sangheili noble Soha 'Rolamee, a third unidentified Sangheili[1][4] and a staff of lesser Sangheili.[6] Due to the large amount of political turmoil within the Covenant, the council chambers were guarded by six Special Operations Sangheili, and visitors were expected to be relieved of their weapons before entering. Unggoy were not permitted to see the council, and even Sangheili warriors would be refused entry if they were not of a high rank status. When admitting Sangheili into the council chambers to conduct business, the council gave preference to higher-ranked officers as opposed to making all wait their turn in the order they arrived.[1]

Zuka 'Zamamee visited the council three times during the Battle of Installation 04. On the first, he requested the council's blessing to take leave of the unit he commanded to hunt down John-117, though permission for this action was denied.[1] Following the SPARTAN's Raid on the Truth and Reconciliation, Zuka was granted permission to assassinate the human supersoldier.[6] On the third, 'Zamamee was summoned to the council chamber to be met with the severed head of 'Rolamee presented by the Prophet, who had executed the noble for his failure to contain the Flood threat. The Prophet warned 'Zamamee that this would be his fate, if further attempts to kill John-117 were met with similar failure.[4]

The council deployed spies to observe Covenant ground forces during the conflict. One such spy, Ado 'Mortumee, was dispatched to observe and report on the actions of Field Master Noga 'Putumee as he prepared to attack a convoy led by Melissa McKay following the humans' successful raid on UNSC Pillar of Autumn. The Field Master failed in his duties and 'Mortumee was ultimately killed via sniper,[3] and the council later deployed additional reinforcements to Pillar of Autumn to better-defend it from attack.[5] The council later designated the UNSC-established Alpha Base as a site of particular importance to be taken back, following the UNSC forces' capture of the base early in the campaign.[4] Zuka 'Zamamee and Noga 'Putumee led a large attack on the base, which ultimately failed to take back the outpost or kill John-117, leading to 'Zamamee fleeing and taking on a new identity due to the council likely attempting to hunt him down.[5]

It is unknown whether senior fleet officers such as Fleetmaster Thel 'Vadamee or Truth and Reconciliation shipmaster Lat 'Ravamee were present on the council. Given the significant political turmoil present within the fleet throughout the duration of the fighting, it is likely that the Council of Masters reported to by Zuka 'Zamamee was kept of officials assigned by the Prophet of Stewardship.

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Fleet of Particular Justice Council of Masters

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