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This article is about the commanding organization in a Covenant fleet. For other councils, see Council.
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A Council of Masters is a controlling group within a Covenant fleet. The council typically consists of the fleet's highest-ranking individuals, including Shipmasters, the Fleet Master and, in some cases, a high-ranking San'Shyuum assigned to the fleet. The Council dictates the war needs for the Covenant.[1]


The Council of Masters is usually in charge of promotions, tactics, operations planning, and other events that are mainly associated with the Covenant military.[1] This also means using inside spies to find out how the military is progressing in terms of its officer achievements and battle outcomes.[2] By using espionage agents to see the real outcomes of military events, the chances of an officer writing a false report to gain a promotion are eliminated, as are the chances of poor operations planning based on fictional military outcomes. The Council of Masters also made decisions alongside the Prophets, as Zuka 'Zamamee had to have both of their approval.[3]

Notable members[edit]

Fleet of Particular Justice Council of Masters

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