Soha 'Rolamee

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Soha 'Rolamee
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September 20, 2552





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Soha 'Rolamee was a Sangheili noble and an officer of the Fleet of Particular Justice. He served on the fleet's Council of Masters during the Battle of Installation 04.


'Rolamee had an office aboard the battlecruiser Truth and Reconciliation. He was subordinate to the Prophet of Stewardship, the Minor Prophet assigned to the Fleet of Particular Justice. 'Rolamee was present when the UNSC Pillar of Autumn crashed on the surface of Halo Installation 04 on September 19, 2552.

Special Operations Officer Zuka 'Zamamee requested 'Rolamee's approval to hunt Spartan John-117. At first 'Rolamee was hesitant and refused to grant 'Zamamee permission. However, he acquiesced after the Spartan raided Truth and Reconciliation, killing hundreds of Covenant troops and rescuing the human commanding officer, Jacob Keyes.[1]

When the Flood was discovered 'Rolamee apparently took charge of the containment procedures. When these attempts failed and the Flood began spreading uncontrollably across the ring the Prophet of Stewardship had 'Rolamee beheaded. Stewardship used 'Rolamee's severed head to convey "the price of failure" to 'Zamamee.[2]


'Rolamee outranked Zuka 'Zamamee by two grades.[3]

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