Governors of Contrition

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The Governors of Contrition were a radical fringe section of the Covenant who believed that all creations of the Forerunner are sacrosanct.[1]


They believed that all creations of the Forerunner are sacrosanct, most notably, they believed that the Flood were a creation of the Forerunners and as such are a perfect life-form. By extension, they believed that it was the duty of the Covenant to protect and even embrace the Flood. Despite their radical beliefs, the Governors of Contrition were apparently accepted in society so long as their beliefs did not endanger others.[1]


Shipmaster Tano 'Inanraree, a member of the sect, attempted to let the Flood aboard his ship during the Battle of Installation 05. However, he was killed by one of his junior officers, Voro 'Mantakree.[1]


The beliefs of the Governors of Contrition may have been originally influenced by a Flood-corrupted Forerunner AI or records of communication with one, as their beliefs of the Flood as the perfect life-form correlate with the agenda preached by the Gravemind, specifically when subverting AIs like Mendicant Bias.[2]

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