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Noble Intention


Fractures: Firewall

The key art for Mindfall.

Start date:

March 7, 2023[1]

End date:

March 21, 2023

Number of tiers:


Includes content for:

Halo Infinite


Mindfall was a multiplayer event for Halo Infinite. Mindfall was held between March 7 and 21, 2023, during Season 03: Echoes Within, coinciding with its launch, and acting as the first of two narrative events. The event and its unlocks focused on the MIRAGE IIC core, while also featuring new cinematics.

Plot summary[edit]

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Cutscene transcript[edit]

Enemy Mind[edit]

Having earned the Wolves' respect, you find Eklund and Dinh still reckoning with Iratus' attack.

Spartans Sigrid Eklund and Hieu Dinh are at the Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science's firing range in the evening. Sigrid is fully suited up and firing her MA40 assault rifle at targets downrange, while a helmetless Dinh looks forlorn at the empty AI chip in his possession.

  • Spartan Hieu Dinh: "He found memories I've never told anyone. Details I wish I forgot."

Eklund ceases her target practice.

  • Spartan Sigrid Eklund: "Dinh. That desert was a long time ago. There's nothing you could have done to save them."
  • Dinh: "'Death for you. And triumph for me.' What the hell does that mean?"

Eklund has removed her helmet.

  • Eklund: "That I am your friend. And that the thing in your head was not."

Eklund reaches toward's Dinh's hand, lowering it and taking his attention away from the AI chip. The Player's Spartan walks in, and the camera pans around to take their point of view.

  • Eklund: "Ah, ja. Here's the one I told you about. The newest member of our pack. Play nice. This wolf saved your life."

Eklund begins to walk away.

  • Dinh: "You tell Agryna not to worry. My head's as good as it ever was!
  • Eklund: "Maybe that's what she's worried about."

Eklund smiles and leaves the scene.

  • Dinh: "You shove one Banished AI into your neural matrix, and everyone panics!. Look. I'm not great with 'thank you.' So, here."

Dinh picks up a Bandit and offers it to the Player's Spartan. They accept it, and inspect the weapon.

  • Dinh: "It kicks. But its never let me down."

Dinh moves to the side to grab his helmet. The Player Spartan's gaze focuses towards the sunset, before Dinh wanders back in front of them.

  • Dinh: "You know, I cycled through here for training too. This place is old, just like me."

Dinh stares at his AI chip once again.

  • Dinh: "Iratus didn't care about me... He only cared where I might go."

Dinh begins to walk off, but turns to face the Player's Spartan.

  • Dinh: "You get good with that, then come find me. This place? It has memories too."

Dinh walks off, and the Player's Spartan turns to see the sun disappear behind the distant mountains.

The scene cuts to a War Games session taking place on Live Fire, with the camera slowly panning through the central underground hallway as Spartans run by out of focus. The camera approaches the 'BLDG-09' door in the center of the hallway, as a stray M9 fragmentation grenade lands in front of it. The grenade detonates, and the blast damage scrapes much of the paint off, revealing that the paint was covering an Office of Naval Intelligence seal.

Event Pass tiers[edit]

Players can progress through the Event Pass and unlock items by completing any of the ten event challengesover the two weeks the event is available.

Tiers 1 to 10[edit]

Level Unlocks Images
1 Backdrop - Illusion Protocol Illusion Protocol icon
2 Armor Coating (Mirage IIC) - Desert SPARPAT Desert Sparpat coating icon
3 Left Shoulder Pad (Mirage IIC) - SAP/LWAS-Rev3 SAP/LWAS-REV3 left shoulder icon
4 Right Shoulder Pad (Mirage IIC) - SAP/LWAS-Rev3 SAP/LWAS-REV3 right shoulder icon
5 Visor - Alchemic Ratio Alchemic Ratio visor icon
6 Helmet (Mirage IIC) - Tyro HINF TYRO Helmet Icon.png
7 Helmet Attachment (Mirage IIC) - TAC/RS/TACCAM TAC/RS/TACCAM icon
8 Utility (Mirage IIC) - Tac Belt Tac Belt icon
9 Chest (Mirage IIC) - TAC/Infinity Rig TAC/INFINITY RIG icon
10 Wrist (Mirage IIC) - R-107 Scanman R-107 SCANMAN icon


  • The Spartan seen running in the underground hallway in the "Enemy Mind" cutscene is wearing Yoroi armor with the Imperial Court coating, without any skirt armor.



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