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Halo Infinite is the subject of a number of cross-promotional marketing campaigns with other brands, many of which include exclusive in-game unlocks.

Monster Energy/Snapchat[edit]

Monster Energy partnered with Microsoft to offer timed double XP bonuses and exclusive in-game content for Halo Infinite as a reward for purchasing Monster Energy products.[1] The following cosmetic items are included in this partnership:

  • Adrenal BR75 Weapon Coating
  • Adrenal MA40 Weapon Coating
  • Adrenal VK78 Commando Weapon Coating
  • Adrenal MK50 Sidekick Weapon Coating
  • Phalanx Player Emblem
  • Phalanx Weapon Emblem
  • Xiphos Player Emblem
  • Xiphos Weapon Emblem

United States[edit]

To unlock the "Adrenal BR75 Weapon Coating", complete the three monthly challenges on Snapchat.[1]

To unlock the other in-game content, save your receipts and follow the instructions on the Monster Energy website.[2]


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In EMEA countries, check ring pulls to receive codes for 30 minutes of 2XP each time. The first 8 ring pulls you enter will give one of the 8 in-game items for Halo: Infinite. The 9th onwards will only give 2XP.[3]


To unlock Halo Infinite items, purchase any Monster Energy product at OXXO and register a purchase ticket.[1]

Funko Pops[edit]

Included with the "Halo Infinite Mark VII with Commando Rifle (Funko Deco)" is a code for a game add on.[4]

NERF MA40[edit]

Included with the Nerf MA40 was a code that unlocked the "NERF MA40 Weapon Skin" and "Charm".

Mega Construx[edit]

Included with the "Mega Construx™ Halo® Infinite Forerunner Ring Installation", "Mega Construx Halo® Master Chief Helmet", and "Mega Construx Halo® Energy Sword" sets is a "MEGA Construx Weapon Charm".


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