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Containment event banner without a logo.

Start date:

August 29, 2023[1]

End date:

September 12, 2023

Number of tiers:


Includes content for:

Halo Infinite


Containment is a multiplayer event for Halo Infinite. Containment was held between August 29 and September 12, 2023, during Season 04: Infection. The event focused on the Hazmat armor core, much like the Hazmat event.

Event Pass tiers[edit]

Players could progress through the Event Pass and unlock items by completing any of the ten event challenges over the two weeks the event is available.

Tiers 1 to 10[edit]

Level Unlocks Images
1 Charm - Dangerous Bonds Icon of the Dangerous Bonds charm.
2 Hip Attachment (HAZMAT) - Quickflush Icon of the Quickflush utility.
3 Armor coating (HAZMAT) - Mesa Inclined Icon of the Mesa Inclined armor coating.
4 Chest (HAZMAT) - ECOTECH Sampler Icon of the Ecotech Sampler chest.
5 Helmet (HAZMAT) - Ogun Icon of the Ogun helmet.
6 Visor - Mauvegleam Icon of the Mauvefleam visor.
7 Helmet Attachment (HAZMAT) - Lumen Prolight Icon of the Lumen Prolight attachment.
8 Left Shoulder (HAZMAT) - Fan Vent Icon of the left Fan Vent shoulder.
9 Right Shoulder (HAZMAT) - Fan Vent Icon of the right Fan Vent shoulder.
10 Stance - First Response Icon of the First Response stance.

An additional reward was made available for those who logged and played Halo Infinite during the event;

Requirement Unlocks Images
Play Halo Infinite during the Containment event Background - Splice Icon of the Splice backdrop.


Promotional images[edit]

Screenshots - Containment Press Kit[edit]