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A screenshot of Forbidden.
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Halo Infinite

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Lifeworker station,[1] Installation 07[2]

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Stone ruins, natural terrain[3]

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These halls hide history of both triumph and terror.

Forbidden is a symmetrical multiplayer arena map in Halo Infinite released with Season 05: Reckoning.[2][3]

Universe and lore[edit]

Forbidden is set within a Lifeworker station on Installation 07 featuring aqueducts that wind through the structure, supplying the lush vegetation on one side of the structure with ample water, while the vegetation on the other side of the temple remains dried-up.[1][2] This Lifeworker station is one of many locations on Installation 07 that was held over from its time as Gyre 11, holding secrets that were hidden both by and from the Forerunners, as well as the other inhabitants of these spaces. Since the initiation of the Zeta Halo project in 2555, several groups of human researchers and rescue teams have been reported missing after entering structures such as these, which are theorized to incorporate advanced dazzler and baffler technologies. None of these missing groups have been recorded as found.[1]



Forbidden is a symmetrical map set up for close and medium-range gunfights.[4] To assist players in identifying which side of the map is which, one side features lush green vegetation while the other side's vegetation is dried and dead.[2] Each side of the map features chutes that players can slide through to reach the lower level.[5] Forbidden features long sightlines that players can take advantage of using the SRS99-S7 AM sniper rifles that spawn on each side of the map. The center of the map includes a power equipment spawn.[2]


The following are locations on the map that are so named on the player's heads-up display during gameplay:

  • Dried Attic
  • Dried Back Base
  • Dried Back Ledge
  • Dried Back Nest
  • Dried Base
  • Dried Big Door
  • Dried Bottom Street
  • Dried Courtyard
  • Dried Diving Board
  • Dried Flank
  • Dried Hut
  • Dried Jumps
  • Dried Landing
  • Dried Long Hall
  • Dried Mid
  • Dried Mohawk
  • Dried Nest
  • Dried Patio
  • Dried Pillars
  • Dried Platform
  • Dried Ramp
  • Dried Rat Hole
  • Dried Rat Tunnel
  • Dried Stage
  • Overgrown Attic
  • Overgrown Back Base
  • Overgrown Back Ledge
  • Overgrown Base
  • Overgrown Big Door
  • Overgrown Bottom Street
  • Overgrown Courtyard
  • Overgrown Diving Board
  • Overgrown Flank
  • Overgrown Hut
  • Overgrown Jumps
  • Overgrown Landing
  • Overgrown Long Hall
  • Overgrown Mid
  • Overgrown Mohawk
  • Overgrown Nest
  • Overgrown Patio
  • Overgrown Pillars
  • Overgrown Platform
  • Overgrown Ramp
  • Overgrown Rat Hole
  • Overgrown Rat Tunnel
  • Overgrown Stage
  • Overgrown Street
  • Center Bridge
  • Sandwich Altar
  • Sandwich Idol

Production notes[edit]

  • As the design team started to work on Forbidden, they established the aesthetic before even beginning the blockout of the map. With this particular map, they wanted to evoke the architecture of the stone ruins of Installation 05.[2]
  • The map was designed primarily for Capture the Flag, though it works with other modes as well. The design team included "rat holes" on either side of the map to allow players some unique movement paths.[5]


The Sandwich Idol easter egg can be found on this map.


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