Sandwich Idol

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The Sandwich Idol on Forbidden.
The Sandwich Idol rests atop its pedestal.

A golden Sandwich Idol can be found in a secret room on the Halo Infinite multiplayer map Forbidden, released in Season 05: Reckoning. Upon gaining access to the room, the sandwich can be picked up and used as a melee weapon, allowing the player to kill most enemies with a single hit.



To unlock the secret room with the Sandwich Idol, the player must activate several buttons around Forbidden in a certain order. These buttons take the form of stones with varying symbols on their faces and can be activated by being shot or meleed. In order to complete the easter egg, the map must be played in an Infection mode; in any other mode, one of the stone buttons will be covered in sand and inaccessible. The easter egg can be completed in both custom games and matchmaking.

First button[edit]

The first button is found at the Dried Platform callout.

Second button[edit]

The second button is found at the Dried Long Hall callout.

Third button[edit]

The third button is found at the Dried Base callout.

Fourth button[edit]

The fourth button is found at the Dried Long Hall callout. It is the same as the second button.

Fifth button[edit]

The fifth button is found at the Overgrown Attic callout.

Sixth button[edit]

The sixth button is found at the Dried Base callout. It is the same as the third button.

Seventh button[edit]

The seventh button is found at the Dried Long Hall callout. It is the same as the second and fourth button.

Sandwich Idol[edit]

Upon activating the buttons in the order above, a door at the Dried Back Base—not far from the seventh button—will open to reveal the Sandwich Altar room. The Sandwich Idol can be picked up from its pedestal and used as a melee weapon. It is held in a similar manner to an Oddball; however, it takes up a weapon slot, allowing it to be swapped without dropping it. It has unlimited ammo and can perform a one-hit-kill on most enemies, assuming they have standard shields. The sandwich has its own unique icon in the player's heads-up display and even has a unique kill icon in the kill feed. While on the ground, the sandwich will glow gold when scanned, indicating that the game classifies it as a power weapon.

Production notes[edit]

  • The Sandwich Icon is one of several easter eggs in Halo Infinite that feature sandwiches. Others include the giant sandwich hidden in the campaign and another sandwich hidden on Empyrean.
  • Including this easter egg on Forbidden was a collaborative effort between several employees at 343 Industries, with Cliff Schuldt, Turner Sinopoli, and Thanet Ned Gasorntip taking the lead.[1] Sarah Stark created the unique kill feed icon for the sandwich.[2]
  • The Sandwich Idol was first reached by players using a glitch on October 18, 2023, just a day after the map's release with Season 05: Reckoning.[3] However, other players would access the Sandwich Idol legitimately using the stone buttons a few hours later.[4]



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