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A doll in Battle Canyon.

The Spartan dolls easter egg is an Easter egg that can be found in each of the Halo: Reach multiplayer levels of the Anniversary Map Pack included in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. These dolls are roughly the same size of the teddy bear seen in the campaign level Exodus, but which wear the AKIS helmet and EXO/TSCS chest piece, two armor pieces that were ultimately cut from the Anniversary Map Pack.[1] They are required to be either knocked down from wherever they are located to be seen clearly in gameplay or to use certain methods to access certain areas.


For each level, there is a specific spot where the easter egg can be found.[2]

  • Battle Canyon: Go to the Blue Teleporter area of the map, take a weapon or explosive, stand in front of the teleporter and look above you. The doll is in the hole in the ceiling on a little ledge. Either shoot it down and hopefully it wall fall down to you or use an explosive to blow it out of there.
  • Breakneck: Head to the Construction Stairwell and head to the top of the stairs. Look above you and notice the ceiling is not completed. The doll is above the tiled sections and it is hard to see because of the dark. Shooting it down with either a typical gun or some form of explosive will do the trick.
  • High Noon: This doll depends a lot on luck. The doll is well out of bounds above the Blue Base area on the top of the left side of the large Forerunner structure. Barely visible without a scoped weapon, a Sniper Rifle or Focus Rifle is necessary to shoot it down. The tricky thing is shooting it so it falls correctly, as it can fall where it cannot be obtained outside the map. If hit correctly, it should land around Blue Base.
  • Installation 04: Perhaps the most difficult due to the kill boundary, the player will first need a jetpack (playing a custom Firefight match and setting the equipment to unlimited would be a great help) to reach the doll, which is located on top of the cliff in the East Drop Zone area. To the right of the mass of smaller rocks on the cliff face is the doll near the cliff edge, laying against a small boulder with plants growing out of it. You have only ten seconds to reach it before you die. If you fail to get up there the first time, it is recommended you hang back and let the clock build back up to ten seconds. Having less enemies to fight or making yourself invulnerable may also be a good idea.
  • Penance: This doll is hidden behind the circular panel at the far right at the top of the stairs in the Control Room area. It is incorrectly believed that you have to use a phased Gravity Lift in Forge to obtain this doll, but it is as simple as holding X/RB while standing in front of the control panel closest to the circular panel the doll is behind. It triggers a switch and the panel opens, pushing the doll out.
  • Ridgeline: In the Overlook area near the cliff edge to the West, the doll is inside the only crate you are not able to delete in Forge (the crate is of the CRATE, HEAVY, SMALL variety). Blasting off the lid with an explosive or meleeing it reveals the doll. A large enough explosion will actually throw it out of the box.
  • Solitary: This can only be done through use of Forge and is the most complex method of getting a doll, though guaranteed to work in one go if done correctly. Go to the 2nd Floor area, stand on the bridge above the Forerunner crate and go South. You will see a window with blue tubes on the other side. The doll is in there. Spawn a teleporter (TWO-WAY or RECEIVER), set it to PHASED, place it inside the room (coordinates may need to be used), then spawn another (SENDER or TWO-WAY) and walk through it. In the right side of the room is the doll in the only section without a tube in it.


The armor seen in the Defiant Map Pack's official screenshots.
  • The armor worn by the dolls, known colloquially as "GRD" armor by the community,[1] was a configuration of unreleased armor pieces that had previously been seen in several promotional images for the Defiant Map Pack.[3][4] These turned out to be the AKIS helmet, "Mariner" helmet, EXO/TSCS chest piece and "Preserve" chest piece,[5] and were intended to be released as part of the Anniversary Map Pack but were cut due to time and resource constraints. It was featured in this Easter egg as a deliberate acknowledgement of these armor sets on 343 Industries' part.[6] They were later made available in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection port of the game, in Series 4: Reclaimer.[7]
  • When meleed, they give off the sound of a squeaky toy often used in teddy bears when they are squeezed or hugged.
  • The doll was later made available in Halo 5: Guardians' Forge mode as an object that players could place on their own maps. It is in the ztoys sections under the name "5th Spartan Doll."
  • The doll also appears in Halo Infinite as a campaign Easter Egg. It can be found in the same area as the Horn of Abolition (location) near the Mjolnir Armory. It will appear next to a destroyed mongoose.
  • The easter egg has appeared in a different part of each game it is in. It was a multiplayer DLC easter egg in Halo: Reach, a Forge easter egg in Halo 5: Guardians, and a campaign easter egg in Halo Infinite.


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