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A child holds a toy action figure of a Spartan wearing RECRUIT-class Mjolnir, crudely painted to resemble the Master Chief.

A toy is an object played with for diversion or amusement. Toys are generally played with by children, though some adults are also fond of them and keep some as keepsakes for many different reasons.

Figures and models[edit]

Figures such as action figures or dolls are common toys among human children.

Action figures are posable figurines made to represent heroes or villains. As a young girl, Janissary James collected action figures.[1] By the end of the Human-Covenant War, Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan John-117 was heralded as Earth's greatest hero and action figures in his likeness were made and sold. Action figures were also created of generic Spartans, such as one clad in RECRUIT-class Mjolnir. These figures served as military propaganda pieces to help instill patriotism for the UEG and UNSC. Gabriel Thorne's grandmother purchased one Master Chief action figure and showed it to her friends after Thorne had been recruited into the Spartan branch of the United Nations Space Command armed forces.[2] Spartan figures clad in armors based on several time periods, such as ancient Japan, are also made by human companies.[3]

Plush toys are stuffed comfort toys that come in many shapes and sizes. Dimah Tchakova possessed a small plush toy which she took with her when she attended Corbulo Academy.[4]

Other popular toys include miniature models of large objects. Although she didn't like dolls, Naomi Sentzke wanted a doll's house for her sixth birthday after she spotted one in an expensive toy store located in New Stockholm.[5] Many years later, her father, Staffan Sentzke, constructed one for her half-niece Kerstin Sentzke. Kig-Yar chicks are also known to play with handmade model toys. Chol Von's three eldest sons, Gon, Kij and Hiiq, once fought over a stolen toy catapult.[6]

Established in 2553, Big M Studio is a company specializing in models, collectibles and replicas.[7]

Puzzles and games[edit]

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn screenshot
Thomas Lasky sets up his chessboard.

Puzzles and board games are toys that have an educational purpose to them. Tactical games like chess teach critical thinking and problem solving skills.

In chess, two players play on a 8x8 checkered grid with 16 miniature pieces. Players are able to capture opposing pieces and win by forcing their opponent's King piece into a checkmate, a position were the King can be attacked and cannot escape. Catherine Halsey often played chess against her mother in her youth.[8] Prior to his conscription, John-117 played chess at his school in Elysium city. The game eventually bored John as he proved to be adept at winning chess matches easily.[9] Thomas Lasky and his older brother Cadmon Lasky played chess against one another through video messages. Thomas used empty ammo shell casings as pieces for his chessboard.[4]

The arum is a popular and culturally significant puzzle among the Sangheili. Arum puzzle balls are composed of interconnected rings and spheres that, when aligned properly, released a stone from its center. They are meant to strengthen character and to teach young Sangheili the value of patience when faced with a difficult problem. Kaidon Levu 'Mdama kept an arum on his office desk at his keep.[10]

Toy props[edit]

Ruwan and James Ackerson using toy props to pretend play as knights.

Children often use toy props to mimic real world objects and play out make-believe roles. During their childhood, James and Ruwan Ackerson used props as part of their Tolkien-inspired fantasy games. Donned with makeshift armor and toy swords, the two brothers would play as dragon-slaying knights searching for the Key of Osanalan, a tinfoil prop key that was needed if they were to rescue an imprisoned princess from a magical garden.[11]

Sound toys[edit]

Sangheili children are known to play with bells made from soft metal ore.[12]

Hamish Beamish kept and played with a toy kazoo during his ten year voyage aboard the UNSC Jamaica.[13]


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