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Production overview


Hannibal Weapon Systems[1]
Materials Group (Forearms and greaves)[2]

Testing site(s):

WG/Facility 93-00/Kotka[1]
Chi Ceti IV (Manufacturing location for greaves)[2]
FFG-045's combat lab (Forearms)[2]




Standard default armor configuration for all recruited Spartan personnel.


  • Class-A hardened reactor case
  • Common solid-plate pauldrons
Standard default armor configuration for all recruited Spartan personnel.

RECRUIT-class Mjolnir is the standard-issue MJOLNIR GEN2 armor set manufactured by Hannibal Weapon Systems and Materials Group. It is the standard armor for all newly recruited SPARTAN-IV personnel.[2][3]


Design details[edit]

The reactor is covered by a "Class-A hardened reactor case". The shoulders are called "Common solid-plate pauldrons". There is a power conduit on the cuisse. The feet have segmented plates to increase mobility. The armor is designed to cope with the strain and duress experienced by newly augmented Spartan-IV.[1]

The standard color scheme for Recruit-equipped Spartans aboard the UNSC Infinity consists of orange-yellow stripes at various points, most notably along the center of the helmet, though the suit remains largely unpainted.[Note 1] Whether this color scheme is common among all recently inducted SPARTAN-IVs is unknown.

Development History[edit]

The majority of the Recruit variants were manufactured by Hannibal Weapon Systems and tested at WG/Facility 93-00/Kotka. Both the forearms and greaves were manufactured by the Materials Group, with the forearms tested at FFG-045's combat lab, and the greaves manufactured on Chi Ceti IV.[2] Testing for the GEN2 version was swiftly done, as by January 2553 a copy of the armor was onboard the UNSC Infinity.[4]

Decades of combat experience with Mjolnir suits informed the design and electronics hardware architecture of the RECRUIT helmet.[3]


The Prime skin is part of the Infinity Actual Kit recommended for Spartan-IV first contact and asymmetrical operations.[5]


Newly inducted Spartans are required to use the Recruit-class armor for an individually determined time frame before requisitioning custom kits.[2] The armor's performance consistency raises eyebrows among the more experienced Spartans, however, and despite its popularity, many Spartan-IVs opt to diversify the armor with other variants.[1]

Spartans in the Recruit variant armor were sold as toys. One child had painted his Recruit Spartan action figure to resemble the Master Chief.[6]

In-game information[edit]

Halo 4[edit]

Available skins: Prime (PRME) and Tiger (TIGR)
Default unlock: Unlocked by default.
Prime unlock: Obtained by getting the Halo 4 Limited Edition. It is also available in the Halo 4 Game of the Year Edition.
Tiger unlock: Complete the Exterminator - Master commendation

  • Description: Standard default armor configuration for all recruited Spartan personnel.
  • Forearms description: Standardized RECRUIT-class vambrace systems, vetted in the 'FFG-045' combat lab.
  • Legs description: Conventional RECRUIT-class full greave system manufactured on Chi Ceti IV.

MCC descriptions[edit]

  • Helmet description: Standard-issue helmet for Spartan-IV personnel
  • Shoulder description: Modular left/right spaulder from Recruit-class armor.
  • Chest description: Simple, reliable, and able to be manufactured in large numbers.
  • Forearms description: Recruit-class vambrace vetted in the FFG-045 combat lab.
  • Legs description: Recruit-class greaves manufactured on Chi Ceti IV.

Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta[edit]

In the Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta there was a "BRN" skin which became the "Charred" skin in the final game. This skin had descriptions for it as follows:

  • Helmet description: Though largely confined to War Games, custom patterns can be applied to RECRUIT armor before fitting.
  • Body description: Personalized RECRUIT armor suits the needs of a diverse segment of Spartan combatants.

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

Available skins: Charred, Marked, and Proven
Default unlock: Unlocked by default.
Charred unlock: Common REQ card
Marked unlock: Uncommon REQ card
Proven unlock: Rare REQ card

  • Helmet description: Decades of combat experience with Mjolnir suits informed the design and electronics hardware architecture of the RECRUIT helmet.
  • Body description: SPARTAN-IVs are required to use the RECRUIT-class armor until they demonstrate mastery over their many augmentations.

In Halo 5: Guardians due to the "Body" having a predefined customisation this armor set permanently has the following parts from Halo 4:

  • Body: Recruit
  • Shoulders: Recruit (left shoulder is unknown)
  • Forearms: Ricochet
  • Legs: Recruit


  • In Halo 4, the Recruit right shoulder and forearms available to the player in multiplayer are different from those seen elsewhere in the game, such as on SPARTAN-IV NPCs in campaign and on characters in the Spartan Ops cutscenes. Curiously, the SPARTAN-IVs in Halo 4's campaign appear to be wearing what the game classifies as Ricochet forearms.


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Halo 4 skins[edit]

Halo 5: Guardians skins[edit]


  1. ^ All SPARTAN-IV NPCs encountered in Halo 4 (both in the campaign and in Spartan Ops) wear Recruit armor with the aforementioned color scheme. Jared Miller of the ship's Spartan Command also wears Recruit armor with this color scheme in Spartan Ops' prerendered "talking head" vignettes.

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