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Chi Ceti IV
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Chi Ceti system


Chi Ceti

Orbital position:

Fourth planet


Muroto,[1][2] Kensington[2]







Unified Earth Government


Chi Ceti IV, referred to by the Covenant as Chelav,[4] is a human Outer Colony in the Chi Ceti system, orbited by two natural satellites.[2] A distant red nebula is visible from the system.[5] The planet has a top-secret installation on its surface, the Damascus Materials Testing Facility in Vhalkem,[6] where the Mark IV MJOLNIR armor and the MJOLNIR EOD variant were developed.[5][7]


Topography and climate[edit]

Known to be a volatile and treacherous world, Chi Ceti IV is nonetheless habitable for humans.[2] Muroto, one of Chi Ceti IV's two moons,[1][2] is also habitable and is known to contain certain resources used in the creation of data crystal chips.[8][9]




Chi Ceti IV was first colonized by modern humanity in 2430.[2] Sometime thereafter, the Office of Naval Intelligence's Materials Group established the Damascus Materials Testing Facility in the region of Vhalkem.[5]

Battle of Chi Ceti IV[edit]

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On November 27, 2525, the Covenant Zanar-pattern light cruiser Unrelenting arrived in the Chi Ceti system. The frigate UNSC Commonwealth drove off the former vessel, though both ships were heavily damaged. Commonwealth remained in orbit as the Spartan-IIs received their MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor from the Damascus Materials Testing Facility.[5][10]

Later that day, the Spartans were deployed from the frigate toward a hole that had been blasted into Unrelenting's hull in an attempt to destroy the vessel from within. Only three Spartans, John-117, Kelly-087, and Samuel-034, arrived at the enemy vessel, which they then boarded. Shortly thereafter, Samuel's armor was damaged, leaving him unable to return to the Commonwealth. He stayed behind and detonated an ANVIL-II missile, killing himself and destroying Unrelenting.[11] When the planet was compromised by the Covenant, the Damascus Testing Facility and a nearby UNSC training center were abandoned.[12]

Return of the Covenant[edit]

A Covenant force returned to the Chi Ceti system in 2527 and attacked Chi Ceti IV.[3] However, the attackers were either repelled or departed the planet without destroying the Damascus Materials Testing Facility, which was reactivated at a later date.[13]


Chi Ceti IV survived the war and continues to support the UNSC, developing several MJOLNIR GEN2 armor variants such as the Soldier variant at the Damascus Facility.[13] One of the planet's moons, Muroto, is now used for mining purposes by the Office of Naval Intelligence.[1]



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