Chi Ceti system

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Chi Ceti
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Location overview



Distance from Sol:

76.93 light-years

Stellar overview

Spectral type:


Absolute magnitude:


Orbiting planets:

At least 4

Societal overview


Unified Earth Government


The Chi Ceti system is a binary star system and a planetary system located in the far reaches of human-controlled space, approximately 77 light years from Earth. It is home to the planet Chi Ceti IV, which houses the Materials Group's Damascus Testing Facility where the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor was first created.[1] A distant red nebula is visible from the system.[2]


In 2525, the Battle of Chi Ceti was fought here between the UNSC Commonwealth and the Covenant warship Unrelenting, resulting in the first UNSC victory of the war. The facility on Chi Ceti IV was evacuated shortly thereafter, along with the MJOLNIR armor.[3] In this battle, the Spartans successfully destroyed the Covenant ship, though Samuel-034 died in the process.[4]

Although the system was initially lost to the Covenant,[5] Chi Ceti IV continued to be used by the Materials Group for research over the course of the Human-Covenant War; among several further developments by the Damascus facility was the MJOLNIR EOD variant.

The colony survived the Human-Covenant War and continues to support the UNSC by developing several MJOLNIR GEN2 armor variants.[6]


Chi Ceti (aka 53 Ceti) is an actual star system 76.93 light years from Earth.

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