RICOCHET-class Mjolnir

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H4 MJOLNIR Ricochet.png
Production overview


Cascade Stronghold Technologies[1]




Created for combat-fused sporting competitions.


Specialized channel-locked vambrace

Created in response to the new rise of combat-fused sporting competitions.

RICOCHET-class Mjolnir is a variant of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (GEN2).[1]


The forearms have a specialized channel-locked vambrace.[2]

Development History[edit]

Cascade Stronghold Technologies designed Ricochet armor for use in Ricochet matches in the SPARTAN-IVs' War Games.[1]

In-game information[edit]

Halo 4[edit]

The full set of Ricochet armor is available as an armor permutation in Halo 4 as part of the Bullseye Map Pack.

  • Description: Created in response to the new rise of combat-fused sporting competitions.

Available skins: HMTM(Home Team)

  • The HMTM skin is obtainable at default with the Bullseye Map Pack

The only cosmetic difference on the skin HMTM is an eagle logo on either side of the helmet.


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  • The chest piece resembles the front of the CIO chest, and the back of the Air Assault chest.
  • The helmet resembles 20th/21st century American football gear.
  • The forearms are actually featured on the Spartan IVs in Halo 4's campaign, as well as many of the renders for Halo 4's armor long before they were added officially into the armor customization.
  • The forearms appear in Halo 5: Guardians on many of the sets that were in Halo 4.


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