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The GEN 2 BIOS, version 3.43.0.

The MJOLNIR GEN2 BIOS or Basic Input/Output System is a firmware interface for the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor [GEN2].[1]


This firmware succeeds the Mark VI BIOS for the previous MJOLNIR Mark VI armor.

The GEN2 BIOS is firmware, designed to be the first code run by the MJOLNIR armor when activated. The initial function of the BIOS is to identify, test, and initialize system devices such as the heads-up display, energy shield systems and other hardware.

The BIOS handles most of the MJOLNIR's software functions when initiated. Updates to the BIOS allows newer hardware to be supported and function. Unlike in previous MJOLNIR variants, the BIOS version can be viewed on the standard HUD.

BIOS versions[edit]

  • GEN2 February 2558: BIOS: 3.43.0

This BIOS was used by the Spartans of UNSC Infinity in February 2558.

  • GEN2 October 2558: ARMOR BIOS: // MJOLNIR / SP-IV / A.DELTA.019.WARGAMES

This BIOS has been in use by the Spartan-IVs of Infinity since October 2558.

  • GEN2 Mark VI: ARMOR BIOS// MJOLNIR / VER_12.22.12 / ID_117[2]

This BIOS has been in use by John-117 since at least October 23rd 2558.

  • GEN2 Centurion: ARMOR BIOS// MJOLNIR / VER_12.22.12 / ID_104[2]

This BIOS has been in use by Frederic-104 since at least October 2558.

  • GEN2 Hermes: ARMOR BIOS// MJOLNIR / VER_12.22.12 / ID_087[2]

This bios has been in use by Kelly-087 since at least October 2558.

  • GEN2 Argus: ARMOR BIOS// MJOLNIR / VER_12.22.12 / ID_058[2]

This bios has been in use by Linda-058 since at least October 2558.

  • GEN2 Hunter: ARMOR BIOS// MJOLNIR / 41085 / ONI_73808-3153-JL

This BIOS was used by Jameson Locke.

  • GEN2 Helljumper: ARMOR BIOS// MJOLNIR / 83464 / ODST_92458-37017-EB

This BIOS was used by Edward Buck.

  • GEN2 Copperhead: ARMOR BIOS// MJOLNIR / 87512 / NAVY_44482-91201-OV

This BIOS was used by Olympia Vale.

  • GEN2 Technician: ARMOR BIOS// MJOLNIR / 80437 / ACE_93312-28001-HT

This BIOS was used by Holly Tanaka.

Cut BIOS[edit]

Below is a list of all cut GEN2 BIOS.

  • Halo Online: GEN2 Anvil Station: ARMOR BIOS/ADOK.31.NINJA

This BIOS was used by Spartan-IVs onboard Anvil Station.


  • The GEN2's BIOS version number, 3.43.0, is a reference to Halo 4's developer, 343 Industries.

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