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Hardened uplink/remote sensor package

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A Military Police helmet bearing two HU/RS modules.

The hardened uplink/remote sensor package (HU/RS) is an external helmet attachment, which integrates the Hardened Uplink with a remote sensor into a single attachment, employed by the United Nations Space Command.[1]


The HU/RS, which combines the hardened uplink with a remote sensor, is an attachment for several UNSC helmets. Although it was previously available only to Beta-5 security teams and select Army rapid-reaction forces,[2] it was also employed by Orbital Drop Shock Troopers during Fall of Reach.[3] The attachment is also a favorite among sniper units employing the GUNGNIR and SCOUT helmets.[4] By 2558, its use was adopted by Spartan-IV personnel employing the Military Police helmet, which also employs an integrated Command Network Module.[2]


The HU/RS is compatible with the following helmets:


The HU/RS package has two observed variants, both with its own distinct physical appearance.

Standard variant[edit]

The standard variant consists of a single attachment on the left or right side of the helmet, and can be employed alongside a Command Network Module or a CBRN module.[6][7]

Scout-style variant[edit]

The helmets of Mjolnir Mark V Scout and its GEN2 successor, the VIGILANT-class Mjolnir, accept a different variant of the HU/RS, more visually similar to a pair of head-mounted binoculars.[2][4] This variant was employed by Jun-A266.

Production notes[edit]

During the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta, the HU/RS attachment for the Military Police helmet was named the Hardened External Sensor Array-External (HESA-E), and costed 20,000 Credits. It was described as a standard issue attachment for Beta-5 Security units in the Outer Colonies.


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