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ODST/UA personal protective equipment

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ODST/UA personal protective equipment
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ODST armor


Close quarters combat[1]

Technical specifications


Demolitions equipment[2]


The ODST/UA personal protective equipment (PPE), also referred to as the "close quarters" variant,[1] is a variant of the venerable ODST armor.[2]

Design details[edit]

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As a variant of the standard armor worn by the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, the UA/PPE variant shares many similarities. This version of the battle armor is specifically designed to aid an ODST in CQB-type combat conditions. The standard left pauldron is replaced with a longer two-piece ballistic plate, which aids in protecting the trooper's upper body while in a firing stance, and also to reduce severe injury from plasma-based weaponry. The helmet is also issued with an optics device that aids the user in relaying images and video to teammates or command.

Operational history[edit]

During the Battle of Mombasa in 2552, ODST Michael Crespo donned close quarters ODST armor outfitted with additional demolitions gear in what was expected to be a boarding action on the CAS-class assault carrier Solemn Penance.[3]


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