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ODST armor
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ODST armor


Close quarters combat[1]

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Demolitions equipment[2]


The ODST/UA personal protective equipment (PPE), also referred to as the "close quarters" variant,[1] is a variant of the venerable ODST armor.[2]


Design details[edit]

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As a variant of the standard armor worn by the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, the UA/PPE variant shares many similarities. This version of the battle armor is specifically designed to aid an ODST in CQB-type combat conditions. The standard left pauldron is replaced with a longer two-piece ballistic plate, which aids in protecting the trooper's upper body while in a firing stance, and also to reduce severe injury from plasma-based weaponry. The helmet is also issued with an optics device that aids the user in relaying images and video to teammates or command.


During the Battle of Mombasa in 2552, ODST Michael Crespo donned close quarters ODST armor outfitted with additional demolitions gear in what was expected to be a boarding action on the CAS-class assault carrier Solemn Penance.[3]

In-game information[edit]

Halo 3: ODST[edit]

Players playing as Mickey in the Halo 3: ODST level Kizingo Boulevard, or choosing Mickey as their character in Firefight, will don the ODST/UA armor. The armor confers no in-game effects.


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