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Special Purpose Force is a term given to certain specialized units within the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers of the UNSC Marine Corps. While all ODST operators are skilled and proficient in a wide variety of missions and systems, ODST Special Purpose Forces receive additional specialized training and equipment and are deployed into uniquely challenging circumstances and environments. ODST Air Assault units, utilizing jet packs to navigate three-dimensional combat spaces such as dense urban centers or rugged frontier terrains, are one such type of Special Purpose Force.[1]

Production notes[edit]

  • The term "Special Purpose Forces" may have been inspired by or a reference to either the full name for Russia's special forces (abbreviated "Spetsnaz") or the United States Marine Corps Maritime Special Purpose Force.
  • It is possible that "Special Purpose Force" is a designation similar to Special Operations Capable in the USMC, or it might be a specific formation or operational command within the ODST. The ODST in general are considered UNSC Special Forces.
  • Several of the known variants of the ODST Battle Dress Uniform might be utilized by ODST Special Purpose Forces. Similarly, MEGA Brands Halo Toys sets have contained figures of ODST "Urban Specialists", "CQC Specialists", and "Heavy Weapons Specialists" which could conceivably be members of the ODST Special Purpose Forces. However, in both instances such a link is wholly conjectural even if plausible.