Armor permutations (Halo 3: ODST)

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Choosing not to wear a helmet will not affect gameplay.

Halo 3: ODST features a simplistic armor customization where one can play as each member of the squad having their own unique aesthetic Bungie-created armor in the game's Firefight mode. Players can choose primary and secondary armor colors, but the armor's main color remains the same (dark gray). Players can also choose whether or not to wear a helmet, unless they are playing as the Rookie or Sergeant Johnson, who cannot remove his helmet and cannot put one on, respectively. Choosing not to wear a helmet does not affect gameplay. Without a helmet, the player still has the same health and stamina, and they can still use VISR mode. Each character has their own unique lines of dialogue which play during gameplay, similar to the Firefight voices added in Halo: Reach as an unlockable item.

With the launch of Halo 3: ODST on PC and the start of Season 3: Recon in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the ODST characters were added to the game's customisation system due to the launch of Firefight as part of the collection. The various characters were added to the season unlock table and can be purchased for Season point Season Points. The Master Chief Collection additionally features two skins not available in the base game; the injured Romeo model (as seen following the level NMPD HQ in-game) and a "bug-splattered" Buck, seen in Data Hive and Coastal Highway. The game also features Sergeant Johnson as purchasable for all players, previously restricted to a pre-order exclusive in the original game. Additionally, The Master Chief Collection features the helmet-less edition of each character as a separate unlock to their helmeted incarnation, unlike the original release which only had the helmet-on option as a toggle that was available at any time.

List of permutations[edit]

Firefight character unlock requirements
Character Unlock (Halo 3: ODST) Unlock (Halo: The Master Chief Collection) Character (no helmet) Unlock (Halo: The Master Chief Collection)
H3ODST Rookie Helmet Icon.png
Unlocked by default Unlocked by default N/A
H3ODST Romeo Helmet Icon.png
Unlock the NMPD HQ achievement. Season 3 Tier 6, Season point 2 H3ODST Romeo NoHelmet Icon.png
Romeo (no helmet)
Season 3 Tier 10, Season point 2
H3ODST Romeo Injured Helmet Icon.png
Injured Romeo
N/A Season 3 Challenge: Hurty Thirty H3ODST Romeo Injured NoHelmet Icon.png
Injured Romeo (no helmet)
Season 3 Challenge: Endure
H3ODST Dutch Helmet Icon.png
Unlock the Uplift Reserve achievement. Season 3 Tier 15, Season point 2 H3ODST Dutch NoHelmet Icon.png
Dutch (no helmet)
Season 3 Tier 20, Season point 2
H3ODST Mickey Helmet Icon.png
Unlock the Kizingo Boulevard achievement. Season 3 Tier 25, Season point 2 H3ODST Mickey NoHelmet Icon.png
Mickey (no helmet)
Season 3 Tier 15, Season point 2
H3ODST Buck Helmet Icon.png
Unlock the Tayari Plaza achievement. Season 3 Tier 37, Season point 2 H3ODST Buck NoHelmet Icon.png
Buck (no helmet)
Season 3 Tier 40, Season point 2
H3ODST Buck Splatter Helmet Icon.png
Bug Splattered Buck
N/A Season 3 Challenge: Bug Bomb H3ODST Buck Splatter NoHelmet Icon.png
Bug Splattered Buck (no helmet)
Season 3 Challenge: Endure
H3ODST Dare Helmet Icon.png
Unlock the Campaign Complete: Legendary achievement. Season 3 Tier 42, Season point 2 H3ODST Dare NoHelmet Icon.png
Dare (no helmet)
Season 3 Tier 46, Season point 2
H3ODST Johnson Icon.png
Avery Johnson (no helmet)
Pre-order Halo 3: ODST. Season 3 Tier 50, Season point 2 N/A