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A pack of Sweet William cigars

Sweet William cigars are a popular brand of cigars smoked and enjoyed by a very large number of humans. They are the preferred brand of many officers in the UNSC.[1] Sweet William cigars are considered a luxury item and appear to have become so popular that they are smoked more than cigarettes by the 26th century.[2]

Senior Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez enjoys smoking these cigars. He kept a box of them on his desk at the military complex in the Highland Mountains. Doctor Catherine Halsey, though, was not very fond of them.[3]

Colonel Robert Watts smoked them also; he had them delivered regularly to his base at Eridanus Secundus. SPARTAN-II Blue Team recognized this and placed a NAV marker transmitter on a shipment crate, which allowed them to find and capture Watts.[2] In 2535, the Rubble's Sweet William cigar stock was running low, forcing smuggler Peter Bonifacio to make smuggling runs to Charybdis IX in order to retrieve more cigars. This angered Rubble Councilor Diego Esquival, who believed that Bonifacio should be recovering medical supplies, instead of cigars.[4]

Others who smoked these cigars include Jacob Keyes, Ponder,[1] Michael Stanforth,[5] Peter Bonifacio,[6] Faison,[7] Gage Yevgenny,[8] and most notably, Avery Johnson.[9]


  • They are likely named for the Sweet William flower that is native to southern Europe. It is possible that these flowers are used in the making of the cigars. They also share a resemblance with the Swisher Sweets brand of cigars.
  • A smaller model of a Sweet William cigar can be seen on a Halo 3 Sergeant Johnson action figure.
  • Packs of Sweet William filtered cigars can be found scattered around the levels Outskirts and Metropolis in Halo 2: Anniversary.

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